The 100 Facilitated Conversations About Free Will and Rape Culture

Hypable takes a better look at topics raised by The 100 in Season 3, episode 10 “Fallen”.

The importance of free will is something The 100 has explored with varying degrees of subtlety since the very beginning, tying it into the juxtaposition between order (limitation) and chaos (freedom).

Similarly to Battlestar Galactica, The 100 challenges its viewers’ morality by allowing the show’s “heroes” to make questionable decisions. It’s up to us to determine how far our goodwill reaches, and how much it takes before a character’s past crimes can be forgiven.

A rape scene doesn’t need to comply with any tropes to be considered as such. It doesn’t need to be violent, it doesn’t need to be scary, it doesn’t need to be signposted. It can be uncertain, and leave us asking questions. Because rape isn’t just one thing, it isn’t as clear as the movies would have us believe, and we need to stop expecting our media to treat it like it is (because then we expect that same clarity in real life, too). While I obviously want the show to address it, ultimately it can be left up for the audience — as well as the character — to question what happened and how they feel about it. That conversation is certainly doing a lot of good.

Whether or not The 100 meant to spark this conversation — and we won’t know until next week where they’re going with this story — I am very glad it did, because right now in fandom, young people are given the occasion to discuss rape culture, and to debate the nuances of consent within the safe confinements of fiction.

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